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Prefab building & off-grid infrastructure solutions, linked by API's to form new opportunities & lifestyles

We developed the ipHaus unit, which functions almost entirely off-grid and can be erected quickly and cheaply almost anywhere.

Our model starts with a basic structure and is expandable and customizable as needed.

We developed an integrated model for rental/leasing that allows landowners to optimize site value without high upfront costs. This allows new housing supply to be created quickly and profitably.



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We are approaching infrastructure + architecture though from a totally different perspective. As opposed to a large scale, inflexible system, we are proposing a nodal system, with the goal of being up to 100% off-grid as well as flexible in installation, expansion, and dis-assemblage. In many urban areas experiencing high flux with antiquated and limited infrastructure, such as in Fujian/Zhangzhou city and Dashilar in the historic central district of Beijing. An infrastructure that is low impact (easy to install, expand, remove), adaptable, and flexible is key towards accommodating rapidly changing needs and urban types of growth.

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Currently, we are in the process of developing low-income houses with networked, off-grid infrastructure for Puerto Rico working with a non-for profit agency based in NYC. The housing is to provide 1 and 2 bedrooms, 40 m2 units for families and communities located in remote areas of Puerto Rico, where support from FEMA and local government agencies has been limited.

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