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ipHaus Single Family Homes

Defining New Ways to Live

The ipHaus single family homes are designed to evolving lifestyles of families and communities.  Bridging the gaps between generations, our homes cater to a diverse group of people, from millennials to working professionals to  intergenerational family needs. 

We provide flexible, design centric living solutions to meet the needs of a complex world, delivered in an easy to construct kit of parts and competitive price points. 

2109119_SF ADU persp 4.jpg
panelization diagram.jpg

(accessory dwelling unit)

A small footprint dwelling  with a roomy feeling, the ipHaus ADU delivers spacious living accommodations through flexible interior planning, rooftop windows and a porousness that transforms a small space into a comfortable living environment. 

ipHaus ADU

ipHaus ADU

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2109119_SF ADU persp 1.jpg
2109119_SF ADU persp 3.jpg
2109119_SF ADU int persp  kitchen.jpg
2109119_SF ADU int persp  dining.jpg
2109119_SF ADU int persp  living rm.jpg
2109119_SF ADU int persp  loft.jpg
2109119_SF ADU int persp  kitchen.jpg