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ipHaus provides a range of products and housing typologies which can be customized to meet each projects need.  This includes different options for building layouts, unit configurations and building typologies.  Clients can opt to work from our standard building typologies or the ipHaus team can assist in a bespoke building design.  


ipHaus features:    

  • Easy customization of interiors, finishes and fixtures, from economical eco-retreats to luxury villas. 
  • Assistance with robust solutions for building foundations (dependent upon the projects constraints)
  • Plug and Play micro-grids for supplementary power solutions. 
  • Featuring upcyclable and recyclable building panel systems. 

Our approach is environmentally mindful, focusing on low Carbon Footprint construction and ensuring optimal building performance and reduced material waste. 

New York City Affordable Housing

Dense urban hubs have an excess of vacant lots which remain untapped partially due to the disruption to local neighborhoods utilizing conventional construction.  These vacant lots in the aggregate account for millions of SF/m2 of area in the aggregate.  ipHaus' novel, modular, prefab construction technology provides solutions, allowing for quick construction times, no need for heavy equipment and at cost competitive rates.  

Globally there is an affordable housing gap of 1.6 billion people, with over 440 million households living in substandard housing and so financially stretched by housing costs that they forego other essentials. These vacant lots can be activated to also provide affordable housing and community services both which are in high demand and under supplied as well as temporary housing solutions for relocation of residents during building renovation. 

Average units sizes range from 55 m2/592 sf to 38 m2/409 sf. 

Multi-Family Low Rise

ipHaus' Design + Manufacture + Construct technology allows for multiple building configuration catered to meet the needs of each project.  Our core designs can be modified to meet the projects needs and constraints. 


The multi-family low rise typology (3 floors) can be customized to a mix of studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units ranging from  38 m2/409 sf to 55 m2/592 sf based on the size of the lot.  This typology is ideal for narrow lots and difficult to build in spaces with an average assemblage time of 3 to 4 months (not including permitting and approvals and foundation work. .     

Live/Work & Inter-generational Housing

ipHaus' focus is also on providing new building configurations responding to a changing world and demands.  Our split house typology allows for plan layouts which accommodate live/work and inter-generational needs, providing privacy/separation while also accounting for close proximity for convenience and connectivity.

The split house typology can configured as 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and can range from 90 m2/968 sf to 120 m2/1291 sf.  

(ADU) Accessory Dwelling Unit

ipHaus' ADU is ideal for back yards or as an addition to an existing family home in need of expansion.  The ADU can be configured as a 1 to 2 bedroom unit with or without a loft bed and ranges is size from 38 m2/409 sf to 55 m2/592 sf. 

The ADU average assemblage time is 1 to 2 months (not including foundation and permitting and approvals).

Eco-Retreat Co-Live

ipHaus' Eco Retreat Co-Live typology is ideal hospitality or time share developments for temporary stays. This typology features shared kitchen, living room and leisure amenities and 4 bedrooms (bed lofts optional).   The total area can vary from 190 m2/2045 sf to 230 m2/2475 sf.  

The average assemblage time is 3 to 4 months (not including foundation and permitting and approvals). 

Disaster Relief Housing

Originally designed for Puerto Rico, in the wake of Hurricane Maria, ipHaus’ disaster relief housing solutions can be constructed in weeks by hand and with use of light weight equipment.  Ideal for remote areas with lack of infrastructure, these units can provide options for 1 to 2 bedrooms and range in size from 40 m2/430 sf to to 50 m2/538 sf. 

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Housing Solutions


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Uses light

weight equipment

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Can utilize local,

non-skilled labor 




(no heavy equipment


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Reduces need for large,

on site storage


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